1967  member of the Composer's Club; University of the Pacific   Stockton, CA
1969  University of California, Berkeley, CA
1969  met Herbie Hancock
1970-72  lessons & Seminars w/Geo. Duke, Herbie Hancock, Bill Bell
1972  MD of The Whispers  Solar Records; many recordings
1974  MD for the Jackson Sisters

1975  MD for Don Cornelius Soul Train Gang Show
1975  Co-producer, co-composer of theme for CBS-TV Show "Soul Train"
1975  Introduced Herbie Hancock to Don Cornelius      

1974 Worked w/Harvey Fuqua and Norris Davis at Fantasy Records

1976-77  Studied contem. counterpoint, 20th cent. composers w/ renowned authority on Stravinsky, Dr. Steven Gilbert
1977  Orchestration/prod/ seminars w/Bob Porter, orchestrator of "Lassie Show"
1977-79  Staff arranger/producer Discos Latino-Americanos, Guatemala
1981  Jingles for McDonald's Hamburgers and others     Denver, Colo.
1984  VP, Sunny Mtn. Productions and music Publishing     Denver, Colo.
1986  Composed chamber pieces “Dorothy's Wedding” & “Coral & Pearls” (website)
1985  Producer of Alvaro Torres (w/ top 10 hits Sunny Mtn.Productions)
1988  Silver Microphone Award for Advertising Excellence for jingles
1990  Produced Los Terricolas; production work at Workstation East
1990  MD for Alvaro Torres (EMI/Latin)    Los Angeles, CA
1991  MD/conductor for Selena & Alvaro Torres in video for EMI/Latin
1992  MD/conductor in music videos for Luis Enrique EMI/Latin
1992  MD/conductor for Angela Carrasco in "Suspiros" music video EMI/Latin
1992  Worked on "Pasiones" (CD by Ednita Nazario) EMI/Latin
1993  Producer of CD “Homecoming” for Lin Cheng
1993  West Coast Creative Director, Insignia Music Publishing
1993  MD/conductor Selena & Alvaro Torres in EMI video "Buenos Amigos"
1994  Produced Apolinaris: Latin artist (Hip-Hop en español)    MCA Latin   
1995  placed "Todo Mi Corazon w/ artist “DLG” on Sony Discos
1997  MD Radio-Musica "The Barrio Boyzz"  EMI/Latin
1997  President, The Louis Gregory Music Publishing Companies
1997  Produced education videos on how to play music  for MVP Home Ent.
1999-2002 music publishing agent for Famous Music
2001  music publishing agent for eMusic.com
2001  music publishing agent for MCY.com
2002  music publishing agent for Silverlight Entertainment
2004  owner and president Global Village Music    Los Angeles, CA
2005  composer of "Henry's Theme" (website)

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